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November 05, 2012
Election Moodpoem

... and now the fine print (so fine) implicating no-one and everyone (in particular). Wondering how and why, sky high, how the well-to-do don't, and the have-nots DO! They give (it up) until it hurts. And yet, better yet, every Yetti and Irish setter that ever sat on a mountain, pondering the bold face of Love KNOWS that it's all just a facade. That, in fact, the under-class keeps growing (classy) amassing momentum, while the uber-rich cling desperately to their private parts (hotels, houses, boats, cars). Mean-while the masses, eeek-ing out a living, Livid. Have you ever broken a bone, hitch-hiked, thrown the first stone at Al Capone? Berlusconi laughs at his captors, in the prison he built (for) himself. Crisis? you say. There will be no revolution today, just another Act in the passion play: a sold-out show set to golf claps, the apathetic onlookers dressed to kill ... Peace, -Todd

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October 15, 2012
Noble Peace Heist

Congrats to the EU for winning the Nobel Peace Prize! The Runners-up are:
- New Jersey
- Elvis
- Napoleon
- Pussy Riot
- Johnny Depp's Jr. High PE teacher
- all Jr. High Schools everywhere
- anyone who's ever seen a Johhny Depp movie

Anyone with bad hair is automatically disqualified. That's why Quadaffi was killed. Think about it. Plus, what happens outside of the EU stays outside of the EU. Peace, -Todd

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October 12, 2012
Tea With A Hollywood Model

I like her eyes. I don't like her mind ...
Peace, -Todd

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September 28, 2012
Fly The Serbian Skies

Somewhere between Belgrade and Istanbul, an old man of about 90+ sits next to me. It's a 7AM flight, so everyone's ordering orange juice and such. Not our man, though, he proudly orders a "Pivo!" The Turkish stewardess says with a huff, "I don't understand you, sir." "Pivo!" he says again. She grumbles, and I say, "Um, I think he wants a beer." (I became acquainted with this word in Prague and Bratislava, etc.) She shakes her head and goes to get him a beer, he smiles. For the rest of the flight I'm his best friend. Even if I don't understand a doggone thing he says. I'm thinking, yes, it's early but the guy has probably seen it all and wants what he wants and furthermore, doesn't CARE if anyone approves or not! She arrives with the suds and it disappears quickly. Our conversation consists mostly of "Pivo, Pivo!" and laughter. This guy is great. Damn, I wish I could have understood the stories he told me, I'm sure they were amazing. Later, I realized that he had a concentration camp number branded on his arm. Peace, -Todd

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September 12, 2012
Precious Metal

At this moment: listening to old school GnR, Bad Brains, Ozzie, Henry Rollins, Sex Pistols, Dead Kennedys. Heavy metal hunger ... my punk rock urge is fed, delicious ... Peace, -Todd

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