May 23, 2012
Axel F In The Morning

People want what they can't have ...

Imagine if the cheesiest music in the world (Milli Vanilli, Bon Jovi) was forbidden. You would want it. That's how it was in eastern europe before the Big Change. Almost ALL western music was banned. We are the world, but are we really better off with(out) bad pop music? Fuck Phil Collins. The radio bosses of today were rebellious gnaves in the past, and are playing all the old rubbish on the airwaves in the name of freedom!

Poetic interlude:
"Russian Rubbish in rubbin' off on me
I will dance to bad music, even if it's bad for me ...
Everybody dance now!!!"

I feel like this is a movie organized by the Politburo, and the soundtrack is my Life. After a rather grueling evening on the frontier, it's back to the hostel, back to the 80's! (radio)

Breakfast consists of dill pickles and liverwurst (!)
Would I lie to you? Peace, -Todd

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May 13, 2012
Black Cock

Somewhere in Eastern Europe: 2pm in a little town. I'm dressed in black. After only 2 days here they all know me, they call me "the American." I feel like Chuck Norris. No, Clint Eastwood. Try me, punk! I mutter as they watch me. A one-eyed man in a plaid shirt (I'm not making this up) keeps walking by and giving me the eye (literally) as I read my book in the park. He walks with a cane with a metal tip (clunk, clunk). Suddenly, in the middle of the town square, a chicken walks by (cluck, cluck). Yes, a chicken. Nobody cares. There's a big black cock just strutting around and nobody bats an eye ... Peace, -Todd

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May 05, 2012
The Flying Cucumber

Manchester at midnight: me and the Balcony Kid had a drink and a bet. He said I couldn't lauch a piece of cucumber and hit the hotel across the road, I said I could. The odds were about 1 in 4. We wagered a small slice of pizza, and 5 English pounds. Having played baseball all my life, I wound up and let that sucker fly. I've done this shit before. This salad was about to die (and fly). There was a small groan from the red bricks as my rock 'n' roll projectile hit the facade, I am now 5 quid the richer ... The Balcony Kid conceded defeat, and the party continued. If you want to see the video, check out CCTV. Peace, -Todd

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May 03, 2012

I met a girl named Galaxy
In the Manchester airport bar
Told her I'd take her home
But forgot to say I have no car

She asked me all about my music
I played cool ala Chuck Norris Texas Walker
Said she really enjoyed hunting me down
Suddenly I realized that she was my stalker!

Another one by Todd.

Posted by calico at 11:01 AM