August 25, 2011
It Happened At Hollywood 'n' Highland

Toothless dinosaur just asked if I could spare some change, "for an old man." He was, and I did. (42 cents) Then he asked if I believe in God. Well, sort of, I said. Cosmic energy, yes. God thing, yes. "Organized" religion, no. He smiled with his 4 remaining teeth, lookin' like a friendly vampire. Then I extended my hand, and he gave me a vagabond handshake, very firm. It became a hand-to-elbow arm lock of brotherhood, spontaneous. Was he in the war? Now I go back to the hostel (overstatement), drink bad coffee, and ponder life. Peace, -Todd

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August 03, 2011
Flip-Side Of The Same Coin Called Hatred

So the Senate passed the trillion-billion dollar Deficit Bill today, hallelujah! holy baloney! Wow, these guys really hate each other. OK, I have a really insane, crazy-nutty idea on how to balance the budget and save the day ... Ready?

How 'bout stopping the war(s)!? Have a nice day. Peace, -Todd

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