April 21, 2011
Love Actually Conquers All

A poem:

Had a dream I was driving with my dad
Told him that I loved him truly
His sullen expression betrayed no feeling
He just kept driving ...

Recently he said he'd write me outta his will
(a) Testament to his indifference
Incidentally the car stalled in that dream
But the LOVE kept rolling like a tempest

But guess what/this just in!
rocking salutations/shocking revelation!


To witness the cruelty of this world
Is to know the dark history of the ages ...
Broken promises, thoughtless pawns who care for naught
Atomic bombs and unsolicited sex with pages

And if I win the Nobel Peace Prize
I won't bomb any countries to show my power
Leaders' double-speak in pin-stripe suits
Terrified, because LOVE is the word of the hour

Soldiers used, to guard the Wall
One side fought to preserve freedom
The other side fought to keep the freedom out
They all admit they were better off back then


If this seems too idealistic
Friend, ideally it wouldn't seem so
Nay-sayers, on the fly and in limbo
Seems your mind's bend caught in the undertow

Are we gonna put it to the test?
Ride the serene waves of human potential
Surely you think that I may jest?
Surely you're a fool, who's never been in LOVE

Here's another example to throw in your direction
If it offends you, it surly wasn't my intention
It's just the nature of the beast
called LOVE ...

The so-called indians used, to say
The white man speaketh with a forked tongue
Now as then, he who tries vainly to put another down
will suffocate in the quicksand of his own dung

Peace, -Todd

Posted by calico at 07:31 AM
April 16, 2011
Happy Jackie Robinson Day!

The fine print: freedom and equality for all ...
Peace, -Todd

Posted by calico at 08:29 AM