March 01, 2011
Sharing Appetizers

Chicago can be a cold town ...
unless you've got a dose of the Louisville Love
I was doing deep-dish with a two time offender
(on probation) from drug charges NOT trumped up,
apparently on appeal. Pleading for freedom ...

And have ya heard that Trump is running for Prez?

Next table, he teaches Pop Music history
'Cuz rock 'n' roll is dead (or so it seems)
Big city blues said "go West" young man
Out there they share stories and mushrooms, too

And did you hear that sharing is the Future!

Street hobo hopes he gets a slice (of life)
He fought for his country and where did it go?
Militant girl raised with an attitude
with an army bag that was wayyy too heavy

But we didn't care - we were all sharing appetizers ...

Peace, -Todd

Posted by calico at 06:22 AM