January 28, 2011
For Otto

I wanna wanna all the hot mamas
And watch the Martini Man dance
Groove to sounds of salsa horns
West Side Ken in golf pants!

We Are The Worldbeat, We Are Calypso Children
Japanese love and new vinyl
Some waiters are slow like percussion laid-back
Behind the beat, and that's final

I've been rich and been poor, too
But never a bourgeois pig
I've made love in Paris and Prague
and I really enjoyed your gig!

Peace, -Todd

Posted by calico at 12:27 AM
January 23, 2011
Greetings From Gainesville

Hi all, my great grandmother (she is great) just turned 100 years old! We had a big party and they even had her picture on the cake. A friend was complaining the other day that he turned thirty, and this just kind of put it all in perspective. Peace, -Todd

Posted by calico at 01:58 PM
January 21, 2011
Gig Saturday Night!

Everyone in the LA area is cordially invited to our gig Saturday night (tomorrow!). The shindig will happen at Joselitos's, 7308 Foothill Blvd in Tujunga, from 7 tp 11 pm. There will be jazz, heavy metal, margaritas, and a guy called Pop Tart. PEACE.

Posted by calico at 03:21 AM
January 09, 2011
For The Man Known As "Pop Tart"

Dear Pop Tart,
When I saw you on TV, I just had to write you. How dare that crazy muggafuzzawitz (Dutch spelling) run into your car! (... and then summon all those fake cops from outta nowhere!) Man, oh man, Hollywood has really gone downhill. Your true identity will remain a secret here, but it doesn't matter 'cuz no one reads this shit anyway!

Listen, Tart. I want to invite you to a REAL event:

Saturday the 22nd of January, in Los Angeles, there will be an all-star jam which will be so cool that the REAL cops will come. All the UCLA cats are playing, such as: Krazy Kurt, Dandy Dan, West Side Ken, Chris Tuba, etc etc, in infinitum ... Your job will be to dance bare-chested (wearing a bow tie only) like in the good ol' days/gigs. The girls will love it. The guys will be jealous and blow their horns even harder. You MUST be there. In Vino Veritas. Yours Truly, -Todd

Posted by calico at 04:40 PM