December 16, 2010
Open Veins: American Opus

I'm reading "The Open Veins Of Latin America." It's the story of 5 centuries of the pillage of a continent. On the back, there's a picture of Hugo Chavez giving a copy to Obama. (Whoa!) Everyone profited from the adventure: the british, the spanish, the french. Everyone, that is, except the South American people! It seems that oil, coffee, lead, sugar, and other resources are simply not enough to bring riches to the people who need and deserve it most ... Peace, -Todd

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December 05, 2010
Greetings From Sub-Zero Lands

Hi, all! I went to two great concerts recently: New Model Army (UK) and the Deftones. Both were heavy, both were real. Both nights were cold, bold.

- who was more heavy?
- who was more melodic?
- which band was more on fire?
- witches brew o' burning metal, smolten desire!

I'll leave that to be decided by the ears of the public, who were most certainly bleeding if they didn't have earplugs in (but I did). Nice one, guys! Peace, -Todd

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