October 16, 2010
New Poem For Modern Times

"Time is but a disease created by the sick minds of men."

Written in an October frenzy. I like it ...
Peace, -Todd

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October 02, 2010
Greetings From Malta

Well here I am on the island of Malta. Yes, the one in the Mediterranean. And yes, it's beautiful. I am here with a friend from the UK. I introduced him to a german dancer (fine print: stripper) and now he's returning the favour. Malta used to be a british colony. They're still not quite over that one.

Update: the fish and chips were mediocre. They're much better in england! There must be different schools of making batter.

I wrote a song title, "Selfish Shellfish Merchant From Malta." Yes, it could go somewhere. Now I'm fishing for that accompanying melody ...

Peace, -Todd

Posted by calico at 09:35 AM