August 29, 2010
Killer Track: "Killing Love"

The mix is done! Come and get it! The song ROCKS!
If you want a copy of "Killing Love" email us:

Posted by calico at 02:33 PM
Greetings From Leadville

Greetings from the Rocky Mountains! I'm mixing my new song in the heavy-metal mining town of Leadville, Colorado. At 10,000 feet plus (2 miles above sea level) it's the highest town in the entire Rockies. We're in a secluded studio, far away from civilization. And that's GOOD. On my way up here I saw a herd of wild buffalo. Now THAT, my friends, is rare. The mix sounds great, and the song is HARD. Essentially I climbed the Continental Divide to mix the new song. Peace, -Todd

Posted by calico at 02:24 PM