June 24, 2009
The Puke Green '73 Cadillac

Greetings from the Local Musicians Union building in Hollywood!

Here I am, hanging out with West Side Ken. (The one and only Real bari sax player in this town.) Yesterday, two important things happened: A) we wrote out the horn chart arrangements for "Killing Love" and B) we discovered a 1973 Cadillac for sale.

Puke green Caddy
Puke green Caddy
Who's your daddy?
Ya know ya wanna be with me ...

Yeah, me 'n' West Side are seriously thinking about buying that bad beauty and firing her up! She's so ugly that she's beautiful again. Stay tuned ...

Peace. -Todd

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June 11, 2009
Todd Insomnia (Update)

Hola! Working day and night on my new song !!!!!

Got outta downtown LA, (what a shithole!) now I write to you from Silverlake, an artistic enclave in a secluded part of Hollywood.

I want to tell you about a fun/funny/extremely cool thing that happened yesterday. Had lunch with a friend of mine, a keyboard player who went on my very first European tour. Some of you know him as Chris Tuba. He's a talented fuck. He plays tuba, piano, composes his own stuff, and one time I made him scat. We needed to record some keyboard for my new tune. This melody is key to the song. A must. Must muster up the strength. Sitting in Canter's (a famous jewish dive-bar and deli, free pickles!) we got into the depths of discussion, the mad groove of Music.

Suddenly I had an idea ...

"Hey," I said, "We could record the track right here in the restaurant." I was only half-joking.

But then we pursued it, and said, "Why not?" He had his computer with him, and his mini piano/keyboard, I had my music Firewire drive in my trusty backpack (been around the world with me). By the way, I say "famous" deli because they exclusively hire only grumpy old ladies (kinda cool), famous for their "Whaddaya want from me?" attitude. Too much truth! All we needed, basically, was an outlet for electricity. We asked, of course they said no. The customer is definitely NOT king in this joint!

Then we decided to go record it in a coffee house. What? you say. What fun! (I say.) I mean, who records music in a coffee house?? heh heh! So we went down to a place near the Melrose quarter called INSOMNIA, where I always go for coffee when I'm in town. Mellow vibe, artsy types/students, etc.

This time we didn't ask, we just went in and plugged in and started recording music sounds! Wires were going everywhere, I was giggling creativity. He started jammin' on it. The song was rockin'. Nobody could hear the music, because we had headphones. It was really cool!

Hey, I dig the organic life, the simple life, but I tell ya, even Gypsies, Hobos and the Montagnards (mountain people of Vietnam) would've been jealous on this one ... It was a modern, high-tech moment!

Everyone in Coffeeland started looking at us. We kept going. A young guy came over and asked if he could hear what we were recording. He was into it. Said he dug the lyrics. It's a song about Love, I said. Do you really believe in equality? I holler. Because without equality there can be no Love. Are you ready to go the distance, to do what it takes? Here I am recording in a coffee house (!) and everyone's getting it. Much later, the guy working there came over and asked very shyly, "Um, do you guys want to order some coffee?"

"Oh, THAT?!" We had completely forgotten about it. We were so into the Music ...

So tonight I get to put the "coffee-house-keyboard-session" stuff we recorded into the system at the REAL STUDIO. I'm gonna plunder asunder all doubt and truck on through, mix those electro keys into the grueling, throbbing drumbeat of Life. Good gawd it's gonna be great!

I'm a dream weaver, a schemer, a coffee swiller in a house of hipsters. Focusing all my mental powers on finishing this song, pushing forward to MATERIALIZE.

What an amazing day!
Yours in Music, -Todd

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