April 24, 2008

A Poem: If the world was/is a big ball of string, indeed, then we are all intimately entwined ...

Peace, -Todd

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April 18, 2008
Your Lack Of Love Will (Not Drag Me Asunder)

"Somewhere in germany - and when ugly shit happens I cannot go quietly." (Hey, that rhymes!)

Riding on the train in the middle of the night ... with some strangers. It's me, a vietnamese lady with two adorable children, and her friend from africa. He's a very small, very smiley black man. I like them immediately. We chat and realize that none of us have a ticket. We laugh ...

The African Friend goes over to this random guy, and asks if they can ride with him on a group ticket (up to 5 people). He goes, "I don't take any niggers." Deep breath ... whew.

They stared at each other for a few seconds. The smile falls from our man's face. Oh, great. I call our friend back over to us. At least fists aren't flying. Yet. That other guy looked so normal! (You never know.) Needless to say, I am opponent of racism wherever it lingers, whether it be in Alabama or London. Mississippi is perhaps the worst. I once met an old Black Panther and he said that the normal/nice people are the ones you have to watch the most. But this guy wasn't a Black Panther, he was just a guy on a train who needed a ticket. What was much worse than the rising anger in my breast was the fact that those two kids heard that terrible word!

I looked over at Mr. Ugly (we'll call him). You fucking pinhead. "I'm with them," I said very politely, "and I think that's mean, what you said. You really shouldn't say such things." Then I gave him my best Clint Eastwood stare. Tell ya, I ain't no angel, but (as the song says) I cannot go quietly ... Suddenly Mr. Ugly realized that he was out-numbered. He transformed from a mighty Prejudiced King to a Puny Wannabee. I gave a quick wink to the Children Of Tomorrow to let them know I was on their side. Brief poem interlude:

My inner fury almost got the best of me
My inner fury almost got the best of me
If you were worth it I'd knock you out
But I ain't gonna let you/it get to me

That may sound Zen, but I tell ya, I was pretty pissed off! Could have easily transformed back into a heart-less Wrestler from my high school days, put the bastard's words in a head-lock. Makes me jittery. Then Mr. Ugly got up, and slowly walked over. He said, "Actually, um, I do have a group ticket. Give me 5 euros and you can all ride with me ..." I'm still not sure if he had a change of heart, or if he just wanted beer money. There was a silence that hung in the air like a tomb. Was this guy a fascist, or just drunk party bum who felt big when approached by a tiny black man, or what? Pathetic. Some things change - and some things never do! Silence - what on earth do we do?

"Three euros," said the African.

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April 09, 2008
Greetings From A Gothic Castle

Somewhere near Stettin, on the Polish border. Wrote a poem:
"Exploring the Mystery of Old Stones ..."

Magic Castle from somewhere around the year 1500. Rustic. Let the inspiration seep in to write new moody stuff. Fog so thick you could choke on it. Just another day here in the dark ages. Peace, -Todd

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