March 31, 2008
For My Man In Ireland

Hello and first of all: Yes, we need more cowbell!

2nd: Let's meet in Berlin in zee summer. International relations need healing. We're the right ones for the job! (burp)

3rd and certainly not last: I just read that during the Iran/Contra era (when that fucking B. movie actor was president!) scandalous Oli North and his friends (secretly, on tax-payer money) went to IRAN on phoney IRISH passports, to sell weapons. Gawd dammn, that's cool! I say it's cool because even though violence is not sexy, even the meanest and sleaziest wankers WISH they were Irish, ya know? Furthermore, if there are any spies or stool pidgeons reading this, I'm simply relating HISTORICAL FACTS, and by the way you can kiss my ass! (and the sky, for that matter.)

PS - we still need more cowbell. Have a nice day.
Peace, -Todd

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March 18, 2008
Knight Of The Poets

Danke, Schwerin! -Todd

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March 07, 2008
The Jalopy Song

(For those of you who don't know what a "jalopy" is, just ask someone in a band, or go to Rent-A-Wreck.) Written for the Hollywood Cloud:

Cloud's jalopy, Cloud's jalopy ...
So vintage, so far long-long gone
No Coke machine in sight
Only the FOG MACHINE's light

... in the night ...

Outta gas, outta sight
Outta sight, out of mind
Always looking forward
Never back, never behind

Cloud's ol' jalopy, Cloud's ol' jalopy ...
How we miss it, indeed the man, too
Long may he sing and live, proud
Through the fog he became the Cloud

Yeah, he's got a fast car
But he sold it for a handful of beans
But I say the man with a pen in his hand
has EVERYTHING he needs ...

Quicksong by Yours Truly (needs work - like the car)
Peace, -Todd Calico

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