January 28, 2008
Land Of Contradictions

New lyrics:

I see my friends getting bitter
is it better ...?
in America

And if we want to make it better
let's talk about the weather ...
in America

Hurricanes and typhoons
Tornados and forest fires
But don't forget Miles
Dylan, Springsteen, and The Killers

Hurricanes and earthquakes
Floods, fires, and mud-slides
But ya cannot forget Bird and Miles
Dylan and The Killers

Mmm-hmm - Land Of Contradictions
Mmm-hmm - Land Of Contradictions

Look at Uncle Sam - ain't he needy
ain't he seedy ...
it's America

To be in the game ya gotta have money
ain't it funny ...
Yeah, we're all dying laughin' ...

Hurricanes and typhoons
Tornados and forest fires
But don't forget Miles
Dylan, Springsteen, and The Killers

Hurricanes and earthquakes
Floods, fires, and mudslides
But ya cannot forget Bird and Miles
Dylan and The Killers

How can I explain my motivation?
Like a train station
where I'm coming from ...

What if I told you all genius
in its infancy
was deaf and dumb?

Mmm-hmm - Land Of Contradictions
Mmm-hmm - Land Of Contradictions

Does it make sense? Peace, -Todd

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January 17, 2008
For My Man In Havana

Hello! First of all, I want to apologize for the impending invasion ... There will be a new american president, and whether it's a woman or a black man (or more likely John McCain, let's just face it) it doesn't matter, Fidel will die and there will be an all-out invasion. Troops will descend upon your little island, Coca-Cola will be everywhere, and lots of weird smiley tourists from Florida will descend in bright pastel shirts. Again, I apologize.

I live outside of the system. But wait - there are different systems! OK, I am not a socialist, but I'm not a true capitalist, either. I'm a hitch-hiker between worlds ... Me, I'm my own thing, my own invention. A brute humanist with musical desires.

An outsider, some would say a Freak.

Anyway, the other day I was walking down the street, thinking about how terrible it all is (the world), systems in decline and how people hurt each other, etc. And at it's gloomiest point, I was about to buy a croissant, and this guy goes, "Hey - do you want some bread?" And I hesitated (for I was lost) and he said quickly, "I've got this huge bag of fresh bread, and I hate to throw it away." (at closing time) So I said yeah, and walked away with lots and lots of bread, thinking that maybe it's not all so bad. I ate some, then I gave some away to homeless people, and the rest I left at a hostel for the travellers. And I thought of you, how you said that people working in simple jobs in Cuba help each other, and they never throw away food. Bread-for-all. Yes, we must find new systems, a mix of the best-of-them-all, and play baseball together, hit home-runs and stop all the arguing. We'll watch heavy-metal videos and brainstorm. See ya when ya get back - and hey - bring some rum! Peace, -Todd

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January 11, 2008
Vampires And Saints

A poem: How can you be re-born if you're un-dead ...?

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January 08, 2008
Wholy Holy Hard Rock Afternoon

Random ramble without naming names ...

Got the opportunity to hang out with one of europe's greatest rock bands, on a sunday! This is not america ...

Me and B. met for coffee at the hotel bar at 11:30 AM. We both were looking a little rough ... Told B. I got a message from Martin G. in the UK (in fact A-OK) and B. was still trying to wake up, but I think he got it. Heavy. But I don't really care about rock stars, just jammin' gentlemen, good musicians they must be (for me). Indeed. Then we walked over to the other side of the street, battling drizzle, to meet Moses, a great producer of rrrrock music, in his studio. Now it was noon, noon was now. HIGH NOON! Holy Moses, show me the way! There is no Doubting Thomas, call me Todd Apostle. Part the ears of our listeners, pave the way to my River Of SOUND! (Man, oh man, I need some sleep ...)

Then we started listening to music and drinking coffee. After this, we drank some more coffee and listened to some more music. We've got a plan for the man. Let's record some shit! (that is good) Good shit, let's make a hit! We talked about bands we've heard, bands we've played with, bands we've seen, bands we've been in, thousands of bands, the band's-width, the witches breath, the width of tape, (I gave Moses a TAPE! nobody does that shit anymore), we talked about shitty bands, shitty gigs, titty gigs, we discussed band bullshit and music industry bullshit! (galore!) We rambled on about fans and groupies, then we talked about bands and drank some coffee ...

HAPPY FUCKIN' NEW YEAR and now the coffee has just kicked in.

Speakin' of hard rock, one time I played a gig in Schwerin, somewhere in germany, at a youth club called The Holy Stone. Which has absolutely nothing to do with this story!

About this time, singer A. walked in. We'll call him Kid A. I call him Mr. White. He's alright. He's tight. He's dyyyno-mite! He's a singer and a stinger, a swinger in hard-rock fashion, with serious passion. He's got a rough 'n' rockin' voice, strong. Raw. He's got the GROWL like Dave Grohl. My song, "Imitation" was playing in the background. Talk about the REAL THING. Said it's Heavy-Metal Swing. Yeahhh ...

Some where in-between someone said, "Hey - do you want a coffee?"
Through gritted teeth I said, "Yesss, please ..." (OK, I stole that from Henry Rollins, his book "Black Coffee Blues" is one of my favourites. But Henry wasn't there, it's impossible because I happen to know that he's in Pakistan. Yes, Pakistan. Islamambad is baaadddd!) There's always a little more room for the Black Gold. Churn, stomach, churn. Time to be AWAKE.

Now that I've played games with names (to drive you insanes) well - if you can figure out who these guys are, you're smarter than the average Bear. Beware ... I'm a mean one, G., and I wanna make a CD right here and now with these motherfuckers, and especially with Moses! And boys, if you're reading this, THANK YOU for taking the time for me on a sunday - we made it holy. Keep rockin'. (I know ya will.) Peace, -Todd

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