August 25, 2007
Strange Days Indeed

"It never got weird enough for me ..." -Hunter S. Thompson

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August 13, 2007
Awake And Grateful

Sittin' here in the Soul Kitchen ... drinking robusto coffee with hot milk (left hand) and nibbling on delicious bitter-sweet chocolate (right hand). Today's gonna be a good day ... Peace, -Todd

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August 07, 2007
On The Move

I'm cruising around on an East German bike. Just wanted you to know that. Printed clearly on the side (in english!) in bold green and white letters, the name of this beauty, "MOVE."

Movin' and groovin'. Hats off (in the wind) and fast salutations ...
Easy Rider, -Todd

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Supply 'n' Demand - Contract 'n' Expand

A Poem:

The entire Ocean is but a thimble-ful of water, enlarged ...
Peace, -Todd

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