June 27, 2007
When It Rains

When it rains, it doesn't matter if you're in Seattle or London or Rangoon or Timbuktu, when riding a bike your "Bohemia Prague" t-shirt WILL GET WET.

When it rains ...

Peace, -Todd

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June 22, 2007
If I Die Today

I strive to survive ... all the while living on the edge. But if I were to die today, I would have to say that I've done many things that I wanted to do. Except for having sex with Milla Jovovich (which I really didn't want to) and showing that it's possible for people to fly. There's still time to prove the Unlikely. Yes, anything's possible, and every minute counts.

Written I guess for a friend who toils every day in a job he says he hates. Right now, in this run-down internet cafe, on the outskirts of Somewhere, a re-mix is pumping with the words going, "I'd rather die ..."

Well, well, well. How many people live their lives without doing what they REALLY wanted? If they find my body on the street, they'll say I was riding a fast bike, had a copy of "Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee" in my pocket, on page 300 of said book is a bookmark sketch I made, a gift for Fishbone (punk Supermen), and the words of Yellow Wolf, "Only his best deeds, only the worst deeds of the Indians, has the white man told," WORD! They'll pick me up off the pavement, see the scrrrape down my left arm, not from the game-over crash, but rather a recent baseball injury - jumping with outstretched glove to the stratosphere (and we still lost 17-15). They'll say I was seen drinking delicious ginger beer, backstage with Matt Chamberlain, (my favourite drummer in the world) and a sexy ballet dancer with a toe-ring, and a masterful guitar player from the Beatsteaks, (who can put away his own, indeed) meanwhile a girl named Tori walked back and forth, sporting a new red wig. To match the red wine. They'll find my phone with messages from Czech rock stars, a note from a Cuban baseball player saying his arm hurts, they'll say I was seen last night at a French music festival, sharing a beer and an umbrella with two punk starlets. In the ultimate down-pour. Game over? Life is a mystery to be savoured, devoured. But yes, even if fullfilled (if I should perish) in this strange Lifetime, I prefer to LIVE!

Look forward, not back ...
Live not for yesterday, not for tomorrow, but simply for Today. Peace, -Todd

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June 19, 2007
Said To A Friend

Said to a friend, I'm on the list for that hard rock band, you know the one. Said, I probably won't go (but won't ya join me?) anyway ... HEAVY MEATAL LIVES!

He wrote back, "Heavy Metal is the law!"
Now then ...

I've always been a risk-taker, and a part time law breaker, a full time jaw-breaker, said I'm an Outlaw, ya know. Musically speaking. But if the law is one of a Hard Groove, than I'm an abiding Citizen. No, no, our Rock is our foundation. And in this case, Anarchy would equal free jazz, and there's nothing more un-free than that. None of us wants that, now do we ... ? Peace, -Todd

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June 15, 2007
Oingo Boingo 1984

"I am not the ghost without a Soul ..."
Elfman and friends

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June 14, 2007
Everything's Automated In Hell

(New song for Analog Hearts)

In Hell, everything's automated
The clock, the job, the children, too
Orwell was right, dont'ya know
Play along, or fall prey to it, too ...

In Hell, all the Sprits are striking
And the priests are sizzling, indeed
For numerous Sins, taunted
Tick-tock / stop-watch / time-clock of Greed

From the depths of my analog Soul
To the tips of my tipsy toes
I sound my howl, incongruous
My brutal Self, who knows

Moreover, Conformity equals betrayal of Self
However, Collective is a strength un-tapped
Being yourself doesn't pay
They say, they say ...

But for what is Real simply IS
And what is Right is relative
Writing this for all who crave perfection, 'cuz
Everything's automated in Hell

(PS - Stop the automation of Humans) Peace, -Todd

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June 13, 2007
Call To Global Change

Be real. Be yourself. Be good to others. Be an example. Or not. Furthermore ...

Beat the wholly holy livin' shit (non-violently, of course) outta conventional wisdom (that isn't) and any/everything that keeps this insane moneytrain madhouse (known as our World) moving in the same impervious-ly lame fucked-up direction, anti-joyous ... CHANGE - NOW!

Deep breath ... Be Baaadddd!
Peace, -Todd

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