December 26, 2006
Long Live James Brown!

Shit ... James Brown is dead, Joe Strummer and Johnny Cash, too ... FUCK! But if you're reading this, YOU'RE ALIVE! And rock 'n' roll will NEVER die! Peace, -Todd

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, everyone! Christ was a very nice man healed the sick and told everyone to 'Love Thy Neighbor' and stuff like that ... so they hung him on a cross and make him feel really bad about it. Have a nice day! -Todd

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December 15, 2006
By The Skin Of His Teeth

I know this drummer, you see, and we met up for a beer last week and he says to me, "I had this gig 2 weeks ago, and it's still freaking me out ... because ... I was supposed to play, but I couldn't." (Melancholy sadness in his eyes, man, he had the blues.) He continued, "I sent a replacement. And they had a terrible accident, one death and the rest were badly injured. All in the same band, in the same van that I was supposed to be in!"

Whew ...

I didn't ask the obvious question, if his replacement was the one who died. Two thoughts came to mind. "It just wasn't your time." And: The next time that guy gets on stage to play the drums, he's gonna rock out like there's no tomorrow. (Maybe there isn't?) He's gonna kick that kit, stomp it, he's gonna slam like he's never done before, and he's going to be keenly aware that he's ALIVE ... Peace, -Todd

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Here's a short list of the concerts I've been to this year, in no particular order ...

- Robert Plant (Wow!)
- Depeche Mode (4 shows)
- Ray Davies (Kinky)
- Pearl Jam
- Keith Caputo
- Spitfire (Russia)
- Green Day
- Monkey Business (Czech)
- Bela B. (German)
- Two Chixx And A Beer
- Fantomas (Neptune)
- Weird Duo from NYC
- Olli Schulz
- Ted Nugent (Texas)
- Did I mention Robert Plant!?

There are alot more, please forgive the haste ... good times ... Peace, -Todd

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December 11, 2006
Bon Voyage, Mr. Pinochet

Good night, torturous Prince of Darkness. Twilight for you. Go back to nothingness ... -Todd

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December 08, 2006
Another Day, Another Holler ...

Got up, got a letter from America the Beautiful (no, I am not there), had a tea, rode a bike for an hour, pondered the state of the world, gave a flyer to a cute girl for my gig, bought a bag of chips, did not answer the phone (even though it rang), did sit-ups, played my guitar, played it again, it IS a Beautiful guitar, played my heart out, put a fuzzy wig in my jacket pocket (to go to the club), put on my best rock n roll Cadillac T-shirt, contemplated the meaning of a dream. Peace, -Todd

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December 02, 2006
Lily, Oh Lily ...

My Oh My ...

Thanks for all those comments about "Pictures Of Lily" in the last blog entry (see previous). Yes, some say the song is about masterbation. I just have one word for y'all:


Peace and have a sexy evening. -Todd
(PS - what is beauty?)

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