June 27, 2006
For My American Friends

This is for my american brothers and sisters, take heed:

You are making a mistake ... (A mistake is something that you look back on with regret.) Vietnam was a mistake. Iraq was a mistake (to state the obvious!). If you hit Iran, it will be a HUGE mistake - even bigger than the two previous combined.

Have a nice day.
Peace. -Your Friend Todd

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June 24, 2006
Late Night Tales Galore

Sittin' here with a guy named Joe, in some pub somewhere in Europe, talkin' bout what a friggin' lyrical genius Bob Dylan is ...
Gee whiz. Peace. -Todd

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June 18, 2006
Explosive Musical Contemplations

Sittin' here with a musician and friend, listenin' to his deliberations about new love(s) found and lost ... Said that the new girl is "too quiet" meaning, I suppose, that he's quiet, too. Whereas the last girl was "Some kind of explosion! Beautiful beyond words and only 19." To which I said (the new) "Well ... two quiet can ALSO be an explosion." Peace. -Todd

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June 17, 2006
Things I Did Today

Hi, sports-fans! (Dig this run-on sentence.) Things I did today: went to a club where I've played more than once, there was a poster on the wall with me name on it, got a marriage offer from an Austrian groupie, like Henry Rollins wrote in the punk manifesto Black Coffee Blues, "I've gotten letters telling me I'm God - why can't I pay my rent?" then walked around said town and done run right into a musician I know who was jammin' on the street so i joined him for 2 tunes, playin' some sorta Bobby Dylan me-thinks, ate a boiled egg, I did, had exactly three beers with my ex-lover (damn that stolen car!) and joked about intimate things, listened to a brass chamber music group in the fine afternoon, called a guy named Rick, licked something delicious (top secret - new honey!) in the early mourn, ahhh, dirty dirty yum yum (sorry, mom) also wrote a song, then read from a booklet by Ben Franklin who was apparently a cool guy and very smart (but still had slaves) and was even a Founding Feather 'twas however probably not very sexy, then I drank way too much tea (kaffeine!) with my favourite trombone player (Earl and otherwise - the tea) and sent a postcard to a friend, got an email from Zurich, didn't go to that festival I thought so much about, and didn't watch ANY soccer whatsoever and therefore had enough energy saved up to go down to the waterfront and play "I, Energy" for a mysterious guy who told me all about his adventures in Africa. Whew ... Peace. -Todd

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June 08, 2006
The Blues

For M.

I am sorry that that unreliable prick left you shipwrecked in a strange town. But what a wonderful backlash train ride we had (together) instead! Right on track - fight back! Just like Miles and Bird on a Mystery Train. Ya know, ya know ... It seems to me that deep in the hearts of mankind (so-called), it's actually JAZZ that rules the world. Or maybe you're right, it's perhaps The Blues instead. Both are very close, the twin sisters of (anti) conformity. Are we down? I'm down, down, down with the Music, man! It's that intense longing, that Thing that goes on and on without end and brings screaming trumpets and raging hell-hole saxophones to the forefront of society, trying to save it or destroy it with some cryptic language all it's own. Music is Friendship, is Love, is Sex, is Death. A good solo makes the world go 'round, cries in unison with the band, screams like a lover at dawn (satisfied) in the moment of passion so real that Time (so-called) stops completely ... and we wonder if we can possibly endure more? Peace. -Todd

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June 07, 2006
Backstage With Depeche Mode

Wow, wow, WOW!

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June 03, 2006

This is about Romance.

Not about sex, although that will be a delicious addition to our endeavor. If the flower blooms, than shall we, two? I'm talking about Passion in Life's Throes. Heroes are those who explore their souls. I'm talking about candle-lights 'round dinner(s) and moon-lit boat rides on breezy curves and rivers. A tender kiss in the midst of all the world's crisis. And we'll watch the tide roll in, barefoot and fancy-free. I called my mother (love) as if to scream, she lives on the other-side-of-the-world ... I seek to re-connect with the Mother, the earth. The rage inside of her at my birth, the rage inside of me since my birth, holds no parallel. I'll open that creative cavern known as my heart, and long for your reverberation. Romance! If this moves you, then come with me tonight and let it begin. Peace. -Todd

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June 02, 2006
Alchemistik Brotherhood

For my friend, DJ Jan ... you helped two friends in crisis last night. Thank you for your mind. Magic is the key - hats off! Peace. -Todd

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