May 26, 2006
Ted Nugent Lives!

Wow, what a show. Went to this concert last night - the mighty Ted Nugent! Outspoken, outrageous, obscene, but boy can that guy play the guitar! Screamin' b-jesus sounds comin' outta that axe. Cat Scratch Fever, baby. Just don't let him start talkin' - play that guitar instead, man! Now I remember why I have long hair. Ah, yes - wang dang sweet poon-tang (but there wasn't enough of this last night, too many boys). The key word here is MACHO. A part of me IS Ted Nugent. The part that wants to rip someone's head off, string him up Hannibal Lector style on the wall for all to see, and eat my enemy's entrails. I'd start with their liver ... then the intestines. No light stuff here. If you go to Ted's show be ready to stomach anything and drink lotsa beer with biker-types. A meat-lover's delight. Raunchy and Rrrrockin' all night long ...
Wango-Tango, -Todd

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Secret Wonders

We're on the midnight underground. She asks me,
"So ... are you an Alchemist?"

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May 22, 2006
You've Got A Great Bunt

Yesterday was great. Played baseball with a rag-tag team of Euro pirates, against the Japanese Embassy Team. We wuz on fire. I hit 4 home runs (!) then I bunted to keep it interesting. Drank a few beers in the aftermath with both teams, the Japanese team captain got really high and fell asleep, while I began kissing the cute girl in the back room. This went on for about an hour ... We were like a speedy race car together, engines a-whirl, hot. I was her Toy(ota). Gawd, her mouth was of delicious, succulent mystery last night! Rode my bike home at 1:30 in the morning, feeling great. Woke up with a big smile on me face ... Peace. -Todd

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May 19, 2006
Rock Around The Clock!

Hey ya. Just wanna say hi to all those first graders I played for today. And their parents and teachers ... Woke up WAY TOO EARLY, sped down to said gradeschool-socool and whipped out my axe. (American slang for swinging, shit-slingin' gittarrr.) Then the head honcho, the PRINCIPAL of said school, showed up, sat down (next to Yours Truly) and flipped out his flute! (If ya know what I mean, heh.) We started jamming together to "Rock Around The Clock" and the kids made a line-dance and started boogying to the beat! Bill Haley (AND his Comets) would be proud. Tonight I'm gonna rock-around-the-clock 'til dawn in your honour. 'Twas a cool jam indeed - thanks for the sushi and chocolate cake - what a Celebration! Hats off again to all who made it happen. Ya know we're just doin' it for the KIDS ... Peace! -Todd

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May 10, 2006
Truth Like A Bullet

Greetings to all from Berlin! I do my best work on the street ... Today I was jogging, looked down on the pavement and found a BULLET. No shit. A bullet was right there in front of me, picked it up, dusted it off. Pretty hard core. Looks like an old-school relic from WWII. Asked an old-timer I know, and he said it very well may be! I wondered who died from this silvery messager I found today. Who knows? Will we ever learn from History?? Probably not ... -Todd

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May 07, 2006
Simple Things

New song lyrics - dig:

Thanks for the simple(r) things ...
Like toast 'n' coffee with Mr. J
Like birds chirping at 5 am
The beginning of a great day in your quiet presence

Grateful to the simple things ...
Like wagging dogs 'n' skies o' blue
Candles in the waning afternoon
A girl who weeps o'er her father's passing

Overwhelmed with dismay
Her father's departure, what a display!
Hardens her resolve ...
Her boyfriend gives her the blame

Oh, precious Life!
You can be so complicated
I hope it hasn't been overstated
but there's such beauty in the simple things ...

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May 05, 2006
To Google Ones' Self

Found this about myself, surfing around. Wow! Who knew?? -Todd

"ja, ich liebe dieses leben!!! es soll ja auch schon einen gegeben haben, der wurde auf hawaii geboren, ist amerikaner und hat schwierigkeiten mit einem trabi über lichtenstein in die schweiz zu reisen. soll es. hörte ich."

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A Boy Called Hott

Found this on google, called: "For Todd - A BOY NAMED HOTT."
Pretty cool shit. Get out the the translation book! and enjoy ...

"Es war einmal einer, der war mir schon einer.
der eine, der mir schon einer so war, saß rum.
in hannover.
mitten in der nacht.
er dachte: hm, was ne kot-stadt (kein fäkaliendenker!)und hier kommt unser currywurst-kanzler her? hm. naja. soller. die pfalz war auch nicht besser. saß und vetrieb sich derlei die zeit.
hier ein ge-danke.
da ein ge-bitte.
plätscherte die nacht so vor sich hin. beinahe schon ein träufeln, aber das sollen mal die dichter entscheiden. wir bleiben hier hart am fakt! noch einer saß da.
war mir schon einer.
also nun schon deren zwo, falls einer mitgezählt haben sollte. saßen also deren zwo, der eine hü, der andere HOTT. auf die neue rechtschreibung sei hiermit gepflegt ge-kotet. übrigens, der hott hieß gar nicht hott. der hieß todd. auf hawaii geboren war er als amerikaner auf der flucht vor bush und nannte sich (und dies im stile von kennedy vortragend zu veräußern): ich bin ein schweriner. hm. hat ich den salat. musiker auch noch. das "auch noch" nur deswegen, um zu testen, ob eule noch mitliest ... sonst alles blutecht. kein fake. (gesprochen für die antianglizistiker: feik!) saß da, ich dort. bald saß ich auch da. fragte, nicht ohne vorher die begrüßungsformel intoniert zu haben, die in einem herzhaften "MOIN" mündete: na, bist du musiker? ihm schaute eher gelangweilt, so doch überrascht in meine müden, aber neugierigen glupscher. ich hielt dem blick stand. nestelte er an seinem gepäck. legte eine art gitarrenverstärker (schätze made in russia, 10 auf 10 zentimeter, aber schwer wie ein lada...) auf den tisch. schwieg. treffer-versenkt, dacht ich und hielt meine klappe. nix gegen schweigen, wenn es denn passt. später tauschten wir zettel aus. es war sauspät und das ausgerechnet in hannover. was soll man dazu sagen? er war auf dem weg nach bremen. später wohnte er längere zeit bei mir.
in hamburg.
aber das werden sie mitnichten verstehen. muß ja auch nicht. ich bin ja auch kein musiker.
das war mir schon einer..."

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Stop The Killing

... and then I was riding a bike through the City, and waved hello to another artist I know from Iran. Just like two people. Peace. -Todd

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May 04, 2006
You Have Killed Me

Went to my ex-girlfriend's art exhibition ... hot, cool, rebellious, confused. Walked in, her dog gave me a thousand kisses (as if to say, "Where WERE you this whole time?!") Been gone. She led me through the paintings, and the whole time that song from Morrissey was running (see previous blog) "You have killed me ... you have killed me." She had it on repeat, 6 or seven times in a row. Barely inaudible, but it was there. Yeah, I get the point. Hey, babe - do you think you were the ONLY ONE with a broken heart when I left?? Peace, -Todd

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