April 23, 2006

"Where the Soul meets Body ..." (Death Cab For Cutie)

I first heard Death Cab For Cutie while I was in Seattle. It was a wild ride, many ups and downs. On one hand, I recorded with the best drummer in the world, Matt Chamberlain, and have received the highest accolades. On the other hand, my girlfriend's Microsoft mom kicked me out of the house, and I had to sleep in the Greyhound station, and it wasn't pretty. Rollercoaster. Been wondering if I should mention any of this (too real?) on the new CD. Guess I just did! Oh, well ... that's rock 'n' roll. (Same song, "In my mind there's a Greyhound Station, taking me to a far-off destination.") Had a major revelation there, though (so no regrets) 'round 4 in the morning, with all the freaks around me. "Why is this happening to me?" I wondered. Then the reason came, as I remembered that time I had sex with that 16 year old runaway from Venice Beach (I was 19 so at least one of us was legal) who wanted to stay the night. But I said no, worried about what my room-mates would think. What the fuck should I care what they think? Shameful in retrospect. Apology! Seattle, some sorta karma boomerang ... But this is a different story:

In a room somewhere in Europe, with 2 rock stars (not including myself) a dealer, and a groupie. She's cute but obese. Some would call her a porker. And there's a MOUNTAIN of cocaine in front of us. ("Scarface," anyone?) Well, as many of you know, my Calico soul and body are drug-free, and I just don't dig it. "How many lines?" the guy asks, as the clock chimes 9 am and yes, it was an all-nighter indeed. "Four!" someone shouts. "Five!" someone else shouts, looking at me. I decline. High school peer-pressure sets in, I stick to my guns. But the guy who calls himself Jesus steps in, says, "No, just four." They look at me, perhaps wondering why I don't partake, or if I'm the fuzz. Brief silence. "He knows what he's doing ..." the guy says. And at that moment, through all the crazy shit, I realize that he RESPECTS me. It was a beautiful moment. They shrug, they dug right in.

And that song from Death Cab For Cutie was lilting in the background ... Dreamy. -Todd

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April 18, 2006
Mystery Train

Greetings from far away .. Oh, man - I heard a great trumpet player on the subway today. He played with a Harmon mute, so as not to be too loud. Played in tune, bent all the notes just the right way. The people on that underground train applauded! We gave him two bucks - hope it was enough ... Peace. -Todd

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April 12, 2006
Her Name Is Sorrow

New lyrics ... based on a true story. Painfully true. Check it, and peace/out to all readers. And, um ... Happy Easter. Best, -Todd

Her Name Is Sorrow

The tree is Life, The tree is Death
Would you be my wife? Will you leave me ...
Will it last forever? Tell ya honey, I do not know
Will It be alive tomorrow? Will your sorrow grow?

She knew him well, but did he know himself?
Bade him farewell ...
Her name is Sorrow

Worked all his life for you and the kids
Not pointing blame, still can't believe what he did
Will you be my partner ... in Crime ...
Will you stand beside me? Been together a long time

You know that nothing lasts forever
We wouldn't want it like that anyway
He was never one to make excuses
So he turned out the lights and called it a day

You see, he could not live without you
Said he always wanted you to be free
He did exactly what he said he would do
So he hung himself from his favourite tree

She told him things that she didn't believe
Cancelled plans of what will be
In the end it doesn't really matter
She found him hanging on that famous tree

Waste of life, wasted years
'Til death do us part, eternal tears
Her name is Sorrow

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April 08, 2006
Melancholy Beauty

Hi there. Morrissey has a new album. He is a sad beauty, don't you agree! The point is this: I read an interview in a European magazine today, and he was using an elite SSL mixing console (just like me!) featuring Matt Chamberlain on drums (just like me!) Hey ... not bad ... guess I'm getting closer to that illusive musical plateau. Hats off! Peace. -Todd

For all you gear-heads out there who wanna see what equipment Todd mixed the new songs on, see the article on Morrissey, pp. 32-33 at http://www.intro.de

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April 03, 2006
Black Coffee, Black Soul

Short story - I was talking to an old lady a few weeks ago in the Midwest (USA). Modern daze. She was a mild ol' lady. I was drinking a black coffee, as I do, and asked her if she wanted one, too. She was a pleasant ol' lady, and told me a pleasant story. "When I was a kid," she started wryly, "I was lucky, because my mamma let us drink coffee, and most of the kids couldn't. So I used to drink quite a bit of coffee ..." I smiled, thinking some smoothe nestalgik story was about to transpire. "But then someone told me at the bus stop one day that drinking black coffee would turn me black, and that was the day I stopped drinking coffee." Gulp. Oh, great. A bigot in our midst. Didn't have the heart to tell her that Jesus was black, too. Subtle. I sighed, knowing she was much too old to change her wicked ways. I ordered another black beauty, smiled and let it all sink into me, and looked in the mirror. Peace. -Todd

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