March 28, 2006
How She Danced Just For Me

Hamburg, Europe, 4 A.M.

There we were in that pub, you know the one ... and she asked the DJ if he would play the new one by Calico Soul. Have you heard it yet? It's called, "I, ENERGY." Mixed it just a couple of weeks ago in Santa Fe. Now it's slowly but surely creeping out there to people's ears. The DJ put it on, and she began to dance. There were only 5 people in the place at this late hour. How absolutely beautiful you are, Tanja! All four of us watched her dance. A sheer delight, swinging two-and-fro like some sort of good witch from the north. To my music! And then the strings came in and ... what a sound, what a moment! She looked at me with that look. Behind her was a long mirror, and from where I sat, I could see the whole bar, and watch her every move. Arms swinging side to side, hair like pure honey in autumn. Two-and-fro, two-and-fro. Early morning light, night thick as joy. And the world seemed to stop, and I knew she was dancing just for me ... -Todd

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How An Ambulance Becomes A Chariot

Last night I hitched a ride in an ambulance, and nobody knew ...
Today I walked around town with no underwear (under my brand new pants!) and nobody knew, too ... until now.
(I laughed on both accounts.)

Why do I hitch-hike? Well, I guess I wanna feel ALIVE. Prove to myself every day that there's a world out there to explore. Yes, Life! I want to BELIEVE that people are good-natured in their heart of hearts. At the core. I wanna push the limits, challenge conventional measures, live on the edge, get away with it. It's an experiment in humanity. Who are we? I dig such things. I also dig "beating the odds." Yeah, I guess that's my kick. Last night, 300 kilometers in the rain, and yes, I HAD THE MONEY. But I chose to rough it, and rough it I did ... and along the way, I found some gems. Man, it was pouring down, and some people looked at me as if I was crazy. The street is my stage. Hitchin' helps me conquer any fear of any sort of nutty whatnots I might do on the stage with the band. Anything goes! The first guy rolled down the window, drenched himself for 20 seconds as he told me that he could only take me to "the border," meaning East and West Germany. Yes, the border is still there ...

Half way into our journey, it started HAILING and it was so loud on his hood that we couldn't even hear each other. People were pulling over - it was nasty. Then we started laughing, bearly audible over the tin-tin-tomp of the hail on metal. After it died down a bit, he told me his story, one of escaping to the West when he was younger. He said the Commies are the "biggest ass-holes in the whole world." He's glad the Wall came down, but said he doesn't dig the inflation. Heh. Dropped me off right at the old border, now a cozy gas station, and right there in front of us was an ambulance. They had license plates from the very town I was trying to get to. "Um," I went, "can I join you?" The first guy of the two mumbled something about legalities and lawyers and wrongful damages (?) in case of an accident, limiting the legality of me joining them, but I think we both knew that I was going with 'em. The other guy said, "Aw, let's take him with us." And the rain was so bad that they just couldn't say no. Strapped me in, and off we went into the night. I wanna thank those two souls who helped me re-assure myself of goodness "out there," and who dropped me off safe 'n' sound at my destination. I zonked in and out for the next two hours, lights zipping by, which was totally surreal, ("Wow - I'm in an ambulance!") but at one point I woke up and it was VERY real as I realized:

"I am in an ambulance, and I'm HEALTHY."

And maybe it's because she told me that life's too heavy, and she wanted to end it all - don't you dare! (I DOUBLE-dare you to live ...) So sad when a beautiful soul wants to die. As if beauty must perish. So I just rebelled, thinking, "Isn't life just wonderful?!" In this passage, I'm sending you some light, my dear friend (you know who you are) and a little water. Quench your problems and make it a thirst for life. And I swear to you, last night out there on that road, as it started pouring, as I felt my leather jacket getting heavier and heavier with serious water logging, and the weight of it all, I laughed and put my face to the sky, feeling the water streaming all over me, and said, "This ... is ... INCREDIBLE ... this ... is ... amazing!" And it was very cold, but also very true. The raindrops seemed to be like tears for us all, humanity indeed. Someday I'll hitch-hike around the world, and we'll call it a "Tour." And so a little water never hurt anyone (as they say in Hawaii) and since the world is 90 per cent water, today I feel that the world is a pretty wonderful place. Peace. -Todd

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March 25, 2006
For Suzy Q. in the UK

Someone has drawn my attention to a certain Suzy Q. in England, who wrote on her website,"My musical favourites include bands like Nirvana, Led Zeppelin, and Calico Soul." Hey, that's cool as hell, girl! Hats off to you, Miss Q.! Delicious, too ... This puts us in good company (with those other bands). Does this mean someone in my group has to die? Heh. Livin' on the edge. OK, Miss Sexy-Q, ("baybee I love you!") let's runaway to Leeds (or something like that) and get married and completely naked like Adam and Eve in pure harmony, with John Fogerty or Iggy Pop as our pastor. Take me, punk bitch - I'm yours! (What a tasty dream.) You dev'lish seductress! OK, guess I should return the favour and have you all check out her band, too: (I'll say!) Peace. -Todd

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March 21, 2006
Tips For Young Pioneers

(Advisory note: this entry written from experience.)

Tip: When you've been travelling for days on end on trains and planes, without enough sleep or food, do NOT go to an Irish Pub and drink with Irish People. It may seem fun at first, but this is most unadvisable. This security announcement is for your own protection. Thank you. -Todd

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March 17, 2006
Greetings from the Swiss Alps!

Hi all. Striving for new heights. Looking for gigs, scouting festivals, hiking in the Alps, and causing all kinds of ruckus ... basically having a great time! Came up with this poem/journal entry this morning, hope you like it:


What does it mean? (To you ...)
Peace. -Todd

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March 12, 2006
Welcome To Zaragoza!

I once read this pamphlet about fascism and how to fight it. It mentioned the industrial town of Zaragoza, Spain, and their unions. The core of this town is and always was anarchist, direct democracy. I've always wanted to go there. These guys stick together. There are no tourists in Zaragoza ...

Zaragoza is pretty fucking rock and roll!

A friend and I hopped on a train and went there. We walked through the city and got a feel for it. Zaragoza (spelled "Saragossa" on English maps) reminds me of Brno in the Czech Republic. We found a local restaurant, very working class. It was superb. We had a great meal, well - I did, anyway, and we didn't see any fascists. We saw guys working hard, and drinking red wine whilst on their lunch break. My friend ordered the rabbit. Have you ever had rabbit before? I asked. No, came the answer. Then came the rabbit. Silly rabbit. It was a meaty rabbit, a fatty rabbit. It was a salty rabbit. I asked my friend how it was, and he answered in French, "Yuck." Just say Grease. It might have been the special of the day. That rabbit was a new frontier for my friend. Zaragoza (in general) was a new frontier for me. They have a brand new train station, which may interest some of you internet junkies, so check it out - the station is modern, fancy and spankin' new - offsetting the rugged backdrop of the town. Quite a piece of work. If you go to Zaragoza, see the town and talk to the people (but don't order the rabbit). Peace. -Todd

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