July 31, 2005
Far Away In An East German Town

I'm in that town again, the one where everyone knows me. All but one, that is. I see her gently nod in my direction, asking her boyfriend, a tall drink of water named Alex (yes, I really know everyone here - he works in Zum Freischutz) about me. The town square is empty except for a lone saxophone player, and there will be no revolution today. He croons out sweetly with his horn, a tenor, the sound floats up towards the horizon, filling up the square with a delightful glow. There are a few people walking by, hand in hand. It's so serene it almost makes me scream. Time seems to stand still here. I love this town ...

I can't hear her, but I see her mouth the words to him,
"Is he british?"
"American ..." I read his lips whisper back.

They meander on, and I continue enjoying the music, leaning up against a post from the eighteen hundreds. All's quiet again. Soaking up a ghostly tune in the afternoon.
Peace. -Todd

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July 30, 2005
Lick The Rich, As They Say (in Prague!)


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July 29, 2005

Hi ya. No, I'm not in Brazil ...

Last night, I was walking the dark streets of Berlin (contemplating saving the world). I heard a voice crooning from over-somewhere in portugese. I turned, and stuck my mug into the tiny club. It was Geraldo Lucio, friend and musical companion from Brazil, singing with that amazing voice of his!

Haven't seen him in 2 years, as I've been toodle-toddling around the globe, recording. So, of course, I had to stick around and check out the vibe. Suddenly, a delicious Berliner beer appeared in my hand, and the race was on! As he zipped through his repertoire, I relaxed and sat back, eyeing the vibe. Hmmm - seedy club - are these guys Egyptians? Arabians? Turks? (What do these words mean, anyway?) Well, they're not Brazilians ... How did Geraldo find this place? Maybe he stumbled in, just like me. Mr. Lucio (brasilian for "Lucifer") was alternating nicely between acoustic guitar and saxophone. (Later, the club owner came up to me and said that my sax solo was fantastic - man, that guy was wasted.) There was a piano player accompanying him, quite nice. I just sat there, with no particular intentions, and when geraldo went to dance with a lady at the bar (as the piano took a solo) well, you know how it is, I found myself grabbing the microphone and singing a scat solo. He looked over, and grinned. As you may guess, one song turned into 4 songs, and then I just stuck around, and alternated with Mr. Lucio. One time he told me that he was listening to the infamous "Orange CD" from Calico Soul ("Mona Lisa," etc.) whilst fucking a hot young german girl, who apparently "dug the horns!" But that's TOP SECRET!

I know my music's sexy ...

The night ended in fine form as three party-people from Spain invited me to the next bar for a few drinks. The guy with the clever grin 'n' hip glasses (and the money, too) kept nodding his head to everything I sang back there. They were great, and in a serious party mood. They were into it. It was a nice compliment to an otherwise dreary night. But I had a bit of the blues anyway, so it was OK. Sang them blues, I did. This saving-the-world shit is hard work! I asked him (in garbled spanish) which song he liked the best. He said, "Sommertime." I threw those blue notes all around in that bitch ... made her hum. At the next bar I ordered a white russian. The barkeeper was French, quite French in fact, and looked up at me and said in english: "Just like the Dude!" Yes, I said. I always like hip underground movie references. Drank it down, and escaped back into the Berlin night. Everything's all right ...

Thanks, guys! See you in Spain! (or Brasil ...) -Todd

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July 10, 2005
Live 8 In Berlin

Yo, everybody! Just a quick-kick note on the Live 8 concert that happened last weekend in Berlin, London, Rome, Tokyo, and Philadelphia. Yes, Philadelphia. I think it was named after Phil(adelphia) Collins, who performed in the LAST Live Aid show twenty years ago (when he was just 62) and he flew to different cities to play on the same day. That was pretty cool. But about Berlin: The sound sucked, Radio 1 rocked, Green Day was great, Audioslave wailed, Chris Deburgh told us not to pay the ferry-man (whaddever THAT means!) and I got a photo with Bryan Ferry instead (ultra-hip!), who's that cute singer from Wir Sind Helden? and I even got to talk to Tim Robbins. (Always wanted to meet him! What a great actor, thinker, and humanitarian.) I told him that I'm a UCLA fellow, too, just like him, and he sported that famous toothy grin. Told him I've got immense respect for him for all the things he says and does.

With a little luck, we're gonna do it, too ...
Peace. -Todd

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