June 27, 2005
To The Core

I ate an apple - I ate the WHOLE THING - to the core. Have you ever eaten an entire apple? Yes, I ate the seeds (crunchitty-crunch!). Yes, I ate the stem, too. No boundaries, no guilt. I ate the whole thing, and felt good about it ... to the core.
-Todd (feeling healthy)

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Ice Cold Killer

Sittin' in a bar with my bud Ales, somewhere in Praha ... Am I lost, or just looking for the meaning? Low lights, people all around us speaking Czech. Yes, I don't completely understand. Yes, I'm pissed off about the stolen car. Yes, I am wearing a grimace. Little do they know that inside I've got that steely reserve, that frosty balance that knows that I'll see this one through, been here before. But looks can be deceiving, I suppose. Seems I'm a-gonna catch them guys and rip 'em a new one. Bastards! Thieves! But revenge ain't my thing. Never was - I'm a jolly rrrocker. Live and let live, let autos be damned (this means swiped, cast into nothingness). Notwithstanding, he looks over at me, at my face, and says, "Ice cold killer ..."

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June 23, 2005
The Man Who Fell From The Moon

We were sitting on the rooftop, watching lightning across the night sky.

He said, "For me, California is about as far away as the moon. (Pause.) You are the only guy I know who came from California, who fell from the moon, fell to earth and came and played in my small town ..."

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June 14, 2005
Dirty Flirting

And as I hit the peak, right at that moment, just thought, "Now thatīs some serious rock-star head ..."

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June 08, 2005
You Can Steal My Car, But You Canīt Steal My Soul

Greetings from Prague, and to make a long story short which I do not like, last night they stole our car. FUCK! Brand stinkinī new Audi, spiffy, should be a hit, somewhere in Minsk, or wherever it is now ...

More on this later, Iīm gonna have me a tasty Pivo and think this one over, the meaning of it all. We are spirits in the material world. But for now, my creedo stands, and rolls off the tongue as follows, fellows - You can steal my car, but you canīt steal my SOUL.

Peace, -Todd Zen

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