February 27, 2005
Hitch-Hiking Is PUNK!

Yo, people. Nice that the American president came to visit Europe. And the 10 thousand police that accompanied him, and the 17 thousand protesters that wanted to, er, get his autograph. Eeeek! Me, on the other hand, I decided to hitch-hike 275 kilometers in the snow and sub-zero cold, (my tootsies were chilly!) with a radio from 1939 under my arm. That's punk. She's an old classic, a Blaupunkt with tube amps, and I smuggled it into many cars who took me along the way. A friend of mine has just opened a cafe in this town (my destination) and I will give it to her as a present. I hope it will stay in the cafe for another 60 years! Radio Power! Peace. -Todd

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February 02, 2005
A Difficult Road

"It's bizarre," I said to her ...

(With her boyfriend standing right there, beside us.)
I continued, "I understand girls, but not computers. One would think that's the harder of the two." She said:

"I understand computers, but not boys. (Pause) I guess boys are just too simple."
(Uproarious laughter!)

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