December 29, 2004
stepping up for tsunami aid

hey all, just a reminder - if you want to make a donation to help those effected by the disaster in the Indian Ocean, one choice is Red Cross/Red Crescent, the international aid organization. Be careful whoever you pick to use a legitimate charity, to insure the aid gets there.

Update; two more donation possibilities;

1) a friend of mine has established the idea is to use this search engine, and the money from the ads will to help tsunami disaster victims.

2) my neighbor (who may just be a saint, or a really, really good person if you're not into religious things) is a doctor here at UCLA and spends a great deal of his time wiht a group called GHAP. Basically, these folks are like the Red Cross, except they pay their own administrative costs (phone, airfare, food, etc.) so that all the money you donate (100%) goes to the medical equipment and supplies they need to help folks. Larry, my neighbor, is in Sri Lanka right now doin' the doctorin' thang. And, for the record, they not only don't get paid, they aren't getting salary from their regular jobs to do this. So basically they rule.

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December 28, 2004
Strings Of Pure Gold

Hi y'all. Recorded strings this week with the guys from the band the Inchtabokatables, featuring b-deutung on cello, and brreuler on violin. Sounds amazing. We recorded in a secluded studio in East Berlin. This is the kind of shit I always dreamt of doing! Thank you, boys!!!! (If you're reading this ...)

Soaring melodies and rife harmonies. This new CD is gonna be fantastic. And it's definitely a new direction for me. Gotta keep my mind open, keep looking forward. Sounds like pure gold.

Peace! -Todd

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December 12, 2004
Random Thoughts On A Train

Ridin' a train with two of my best buds, one from Los Angles and one from Schwerin ...

And there's a 3rd guy, who I've never met, wearing a fur hat. And we're singing, "Faith" by George Michael. (?) Might have something to do with the bottle of russian vodka. Then we swing into faux russians songs that we've just invented. Yes, we were loud. And fun at the same time.

I tell the guy, "Yeah, my grampa had a fur hat like that ..."
"Mine, too!" he said.

Then we considered for a brief moment whether we had the same grandpa. We reckoned not, because we decided that he had bigger pecks, but I had a bigger bulge. Now I'm sure that people in Sweden will ask me what, "pecks" are. Heh. Do I divulge the bulge? Should I devour a Bulgarian diva who asks me to divulge the bulge? I do not budge. Just ride this train ...

-Todd (somewhere in Europe)

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December 03, 2004
In a Hamburg Bar

We sit there in a smokey bar, drink, and philosphize ... 3 wishes for the President:

She says, "I would wish upon Georgie Boy that for one day, just one day, he would have to live in Afghanistan as a woman."

Her sweet sister says, "I would wish for him that he would have to live for one day as a black kid in a Chicago ghetto ..."

I thought for a minute, and then said, "I would wish him just one thing. That for one day he would feel real love. Then maybe he would change his ways ..."

Then we sat in silence and felt the warmth (on this cold December night) of each others' company ...

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