September 23, 2004
Twenty-Two Things About Love (#16)

For the next two days, I'll be riding the train down the beautiful coast. Yeahhh. All the way from Seattle to So California. Two whole days. Bliss ... Dreaming on the train. Rocks and trees and people and music and moving and nature. Mm-hmm. Peace.

Yes, this is love.

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September 12, 2004
Twenty-Two Things About Love (#17)

Preston Love got up in front o' the classroom and yelled,
"The Beatles ... DID NOTHING!"

... and then, "The Beatles did NOTHING NEW!"

I'd never heard such a thing. It completely shocked me. Here was this (so-called) angry black man yelling at an all-white teen audience about how the Beatles were bullshit. I couldn't believe it ... it tore me away from my illusions.

"WE were changing forms, changing patterns, doing musical experiments. Jazz was the new frontier. The Beatles had good songs, but they didn't do anything new, stylistically ..." Wow.

Thank you, Preston - for making me use my musical mind!

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September 01, 2004
Twenty-Two Things About Love (#18)

Sitting in the Bauhaus in Seattle, USA - with the amazing drummer, Matt Chamberlain. Coffee, and then we drive off to the studio to record together. Drrrrums. Is this Love?

Yes, this is Love ...


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