July 31, 2004

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Posted by Eliot at 12:08 PM
July 29, 2004
She's The Queen Of Crepes

She's my friend, always there
For me and others, too
She'll be hawking Crepes this summer
By the Pfaffenteich so blue

I hope I can make it
Rest my bones and feed my face
There'll be non-stop parties
Over at Jan's place

(He doesn't know that yet!)

One time we drove a Trabi through Austria
Something Bono wishes he could do
She let it stall on the border, back when it was erected
From Wien to Schwerin, but we didn't tell anyone, anyhoo

Ah, yes, we'll eat Crepes for days
In the midst of hot, supple summer forays
I'd invite her over to the States, to be a part of our dream
If we had some decent cuisine

(We don't - Hamburgers are king)

Remember how we danced, she 'n' me 'n' Tanja, too
In the Freischutz, known across Mecklenburg so fair
Die Hexe danced her blues away
Back when she had shiny red hair

Another time we hung out in Flex
With this guy named Zod
He looks like the Kaiser, but with cooler hair
We both have seen his shiny underwear

Now she's fallen in love with a guy from Hamburg
He's nothing like the guy who hit Jeff with that bottle in Bamberg

He's strong and fast and mean
But he's never been to Schwerin
So that he doesn't realize
That when it comes to Crepes, she's Queen ...

Another one by Todd

Posted by calico at 08:04 PM
July 22, 2004
If Bush Loses

Hi y'all. Greetings from the Land Of The Free ...

Saw this bumper sticker today. It said, "If Bush loses - the terrorists have won."

Made me say, "Geez." Just wanted to share that with y'all.
Peace. -Todd

Posted by calico at 04:40 PM
July 10, 2004
Midnight In A 1956 Dodge


Posted by calico at 04:40 PM
July 08, 2004
Old Man In The Coffee Shop

Talking again to the old man in the coffee shop. We'll call him Ed.

Coffee, Seattle sunshine (for now), and I listen to the rantings of an 80 year old trumpet player. Awesome! He tells many tall tales, some whoppers, some good ones. This time he started talking about Dizzy Gilespie (who he knew), and the amazing Cuban trumpet player, Arturo Sandoval. Check this out:

Ed said that Arturo was friends with Dizzy, who also helped Miles Davis (among others). I've heard all kinds of stories about Diz, and they're all pretty wild. He is said to have been a humanist, an incredibly warm soul. And lots of fun. Arturo had gotten permission from time to time from the Cuban government to leave and play. Ed said he went to South America alot, and many other places, too. I was suprised by this. But I guess it's true. Music is universal.

Then they were in west Germany together (Dizzy and Arturo). Arturo had thought about defecting to the United States for a long time. This time he wanted to do it for real. According to Ed, Arturo decided to go down to the American consulate and ask for asylum. The guy there on the night watch didn't respond, or even give him the time of day. Probably didn't know him, or something. But this was a very dangerous move, and Arturo was very upset that the guy didn't pay heed. He went back to the hotel, downtrodden, and told Dizzy what happened. Dizzy picked up the phone. He made a couple of calls. In a matter of minutes, he had the President of the United States on the phone. He said that it was urgent, and lo and behold! Arturo went back down there, and the guy was a bit more receptive due to the phone call. They let him in, and Arturo was allowed to become an American citizen. Amazing what a musician can do, if he puts his mind to it. I didn't ask which president it was, but it had to be better than the one we've got now ...

Ed's mind drifted off to better days ... he layed his head back and said in a dreamy manner, "Dizzy Gillespie ... the nicest man you'd ever meet."

Posted by calico at 06:12 PM
July 03, 2004
Adventures In Three-Three-Three

They're getting a divorce ...

Some of you know that my favourite number is 333. It is half of 666, an evil number if there ever was one. Everything weird or magical happens to me whenever there is a 333 around. It just is so. But I refuse to be superstitious.

Yeah, I am the fly on the wall, the voice who listens. I am a guest. When I travel around, I get to meet alot of people. See them in their daily lives. I am welcome, and I get to visit people, and hear their fears, or share their anguish. People accept that I will be there, whispering scenes (comfort?) that I've witnessed around the world. It seems almost the same in all countries ...

Why can't people treat each other with respect?

Things aren't going so well. There are angry phone calls, blaming. No communication. I am trying to be there, without being caught in the middle of it. Something bad happened today. I happened to be hungry. Said to myself, "Rather than eat, maybe I will go on a hunger strike for these nice people, for three days." My sacrifice, so to speak, like that shitty band Creed sang. Geez, I'm glad their dead. This would, at least in some way, respect their situation and humanity.

I looked at the clock, and it was EXACTLY 3:33 pm! Ahhhhrrrggghh! Magic.

Posted by calico at 09:00 PM