June 23, 2004
Greetings from Seattle!

Poem For My Friends:

Awoke at midnight, in the midst of a torrential downpour ... and the lightning swells behind huge pines, making them look like giant ogres, waiting. Escaped up here on the 101, moonlight drive along the Pacific, all rocks and trees and scrub-brush. And we watch "The Twilight Zone" from 1961, all the while dreaming ... Timeless.

Jazz and coffeehouses, met an 80 year old man (a trumpet player), who said that he knew and played with the world's greatest Baritone sax player.
"You knew Gerry Mulligan?"
"Shit, kid ... you're awright," he muttered.

Jukeboxes here scream Jimi Hendrix and Rush. Hear Nature roar! Sound, sea, air, atmosphere. Greetings from the Great Northwest. I think of you, my friends!


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June 08, 2004
For Ronald Reagan

Oh, Ronnie, the glowing praises of news publications around America fill our hearts with glowing pride. How we'll miss you! Examples ...

A. The homeless people on the streets of California (who's clinics you wisely shut down in the eighties) are grateful for learning this important Life's lesson from you: "There's no such thing as a free lunch ..."

Yes, those sick bastards need to get a job, and keep up with the changing times. Times so fast that they put the fear of God in you, and make you grateful for living in the most modern civilization in the world. Awesome!

B. You always looked so sharp, Mr. President! You showed us that style is so much more important than substance. A sharped dressed man can convince us of so many things (that we didn't think possible, or appropriate). Your mini revolution had so many implications, including but not limited to dress code, pomposity, and ethics. You really set a "standard" in your chic (may I say it?) gangster style that sets a very high standard for us to live up to ... Congrats!

C. You taught us that eating jelly beans is extremely cool ...

D. The children of Nicaragua and El Salvadore salute you. Only you could bring Democracy and Freedom to the region, and Central America is better off for it today. You and your cronies brought a certain stability there. Even if the people didn't see it at the time, they now realize that a strong, fatherly hand is what they really needed. You've shown them that a real leader must have an iron hand, and a level head, to operate military might at will, when the People demand that there be change. Nothing beats a successful, headstrong leader.

E. Your lovely (second) wife Nancy is a pillar of beauty ...

F. "F" is for, "Fuck you!" to all those beatniks and peaceniks who tried to stand in your way. While you were leading the country to greatness, they were just sitting around, wondering if they should get a job or not. You're a man of action, and so many are just couch-side warriors, wishing to be in the game. Hats off, Mr. President!

G. "G" is for Gipper. Here's one for you!

E. Notice how this runs, "GE." Pretty cool, huh, Mr. President? It's that simple, effacing charm that won over the hearts of millions. While you were working for GE and the Screen Actor's Guild, you became a hero to many in the USA.

I. "I" is for the screaming individualism, the "me", the wisdom of "me first," the antithesis of communism, which you became notorious for around the world. A self-made man!

J. "J" is for Justice.

K. Khadafi is said to have forgiven you for bombing his country, and killing his daughter. Forgiveness!

L. We Love you, Ronnie!!!!!!!!!

M. Moo.

N. No regrets, Mr. Prez!

O. "Oh" is for: Oh, shit. I really need to get away from this cheesy pattern of writing something beginning with the letter on the list, so instead of writing 'Ostensibly' or 'Oleo on your hair' I'll write something like, 'Alas, dear Leader, we still seek your guidance, we still chase the Dollar (as you taught us) and feel the need for inflation, perserverance, destruction of community, and the deep-seeded belief in a free market economy. These truths are self-evident.' Yes, we listened and learned, Mr. Reagan ...

P. You were the Great Communicator. Yes, you knew when to listen, and when to just kick ass. You told them Ruskies just how to be, told 'em to, "Tear down this Wall!" The people of Berlin thank you, too. You "spoke" to them in a way that even JFK didn't (when he visited Berlin in the 60's). You knew how to connect with people, how to quell their fears, how to find the humanity in someone, even if they were inferior to you, even if they were poor or less educated than Yourself. You reached out with your bare hand, crushing them sometimes, but caressing them at other times. You spoke and listened, managing the great Balance that is so difficult among adversaries. You were in tune with the times, and sometimes set the times. To be conservative is a wonderful strength, a signal to the whole world that they need to get off their behind, get with the program, or they will just get left behind.

Q. It's actually spelled, "Quadaffi."

R. Respect, righteousness, revenge, real, radiant, remedial, rare, Reagan! Rad - I did it again!

S. The people of Afghanistan salute you. Your over 2 billion dollars in covert aid brought stability, weapons, and training to help run the Soviet out of this poor country. I'm sure they feel they couldn't have done it without you.

T. "T" is for Todd.

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