May 28, 2004
Seattle Or Bust!

Thanks for all of your wonderful, sometimes strange, always poignant messages about my new Seattle journey! Always a pleasure, dear readers!

Here is a short list of a few of my favourite tips, that you gave me ...

1. "Erotic Bakery!" (Whoah. Yes. Cookin' up a storm!)
2. Capitol Hill
3. Crocodile's
4. Mr. Spot's Chai House
5. Seattle's Best (weak)
6. The Space Noodle
7. Bumbershoot
8. Coffee Messiah
9. Club that looks like Space Odessy 2001, but she can't remember the name!
10. Did I mention the Erotic Bakery???

I'm gonna try and hit 'em all ... Keep 'em comin'!

Posted by calico at 03:03 AM
LAX, 3 a.m. (For David)

For David from Venezuela:

This is for you, little brother. You said that I'm your big brother. Yes, I guess it's true. I'm watching out for you! You said to take care of Mischka, take care of the yello submarine. OK, I am. I listen ... We were both in a slumber-like state of exhaustion. Hostel, drive-all-night, talk, breakfast at the fork in the road, Radiohead (I'll never forget you jumping!). Our lives are parallel ...

Remember when the homeless man, the articulate one, the genius one, said,
"You guys are probably brothers by blood, somewhere, and you didn't even know it. Look at your arms, place them side by side ..." And then we did, and they were exactly the same! Amazing. How did he see? Remember how he said that people would be jealous of us (Hey, it HAS happened, right?). But then he mumbled something about the russian mob, and drifted off into the deep end. Heh.

Remember how you asked if I would write music for your film, and I said yes!?

Remember how Crazy Andy started that fight, I jumped in, and then you showed up and really saved the day ... Yes, I remember.

Remember how I was all wasted, and you chided me for eating Sunil's noodles?

Remember how I said that I would drive you anytime like that? Anywhere ...
And I would, brother, I would.

Remember you and me and Dan tha Man, from Wales?!

Remember how you said you'd decided to come to Europe with me!

Remember how Tobacco Daniel asked if you would send opium seeds to him?

Remember how I cried like John Wayne (to you) over my feline delimma!

Remember how you asked if it was ok if you laid your head on my shoulder?

It's always ok. I am your friend. I'm your man. I admire you. I'll miss you!
Your friend, -Todd

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May 07, 2004
Greetings from Indio

Somewhere in the California desert, one-hundred-and-five degrees, fahrenheit. Greetings from the Coachella festival.

Went to hear Air (yes, the french band), The Cure, The Pixies! Great, two-day festival. But I just have one word for everybody: RADIOHEAD! Those guys blew me away. I've heard all the hype, but they really deserve it. Ask my friend David from Venezuela, who was jumping in rhythm to the beat, for almost two hours. Yes, they were amazing ...

Hung out with my man Eliot, who cracked everyone up (crack??) with his hilarious jokes. We were all laughing and sweating and crying and sweating and laughing. Did I mention it was 105 degrees? And did I mention Radiohead?? OK. And Wilco dropped out, so Beck showed up and did an impromptu, acoustic performance. Pretty fab, Mr. B. He tried to get a beat going with a Gameboy (yes, a Gameboy!) but it didn't quite work, and that just added to the charm. They were selling water in the desert for two bucks a pop, and we spent like a million dollars out there ...

I think every musician I know in LA was there. Ran into Norwood from Fishbone. He is one of the premier bass Gawds of our time, without a doubt. Did I mention that he's playing on my new record? Zow! Plays on two tracks. I'm so grateful! He's got the fattest bass soundaround, and ya know ya gotta check it out, righttnow. Ran into one of the guys from No Doubt that I know, no doubt. Chatted with Sir Jason Falkner about all things musical under the sun (see related story from last year: "Jason Challenged Todd to a Mick Jagger-esque Dance-off in a Berlin Bar." Good stuff ...

At some point, some random hippie-babe brought out this tiny black cat, that she's smuggled in. It crept on over to me, and fell asleep in my arms. Suddenly, I had all kinds of new friends! So cute. Wrote a poem, "To protect the cat that doesn't strike back. Purrr." Someone said that that kitty felt like her whole universe was my hand. I just cupped that sweet little creature, and assisted in her repose. She was mellow and sweet, while the rock raged around her.

Awesome music, all 'round. Muse (UK) kicked ass. I'll re-mention The Pixies. Legends. The space-y trance dance tent was interesting, too. Danced with my friends, and sweated and laughed and danced. HEAT! ("Gee, I wonder if anyone has any ecstacy in here??") And did I mention,


Best from tha desert, (of men's minds) -Todd
(I'm Hot.)

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