January 31, 2004
Wiltern Theatre, 6 PM

Walked from the Wisky-A-Go-Go to the Wiltern.

I didn't use any gas or oil in doing so, and it took some time, but it was great. That's what I like, to have enough time and money to do whatever I want. Yesterday I had both. What a great day! Actually, I got to hang out with three of my favourite people yesterday. Daniel, AJ, and Jason. One works at a record store, one plays in a famous band, and the other one plays in a famous band. And I walked to all three yesterday. 'Twas an adventuresome day.

A beautiful day!

Yep. Time and money, money and time. Had lunch at Island records, pretty cool, and then I started walking towards Amoeba on Sunset. Took awhile. There I saw the bearded brother AJ, who welcomed me into his arms, and suggested that we meet later, at midnight, for a brew ha-ha. Which we did, but first I had to walk to Jason Falkner's concert at the Wiltern. That took awhile, too. I got to ponder my life as a Lucky Boy. Enjoying LA's breeze (cough) and scheming on how I'm going to make the best Calico Soul record yet.

Got to the Wiltern at 6 pm. Much too early. Doors not open yet -but lines around the block already. I just walked up to the front door, and at the same time a girl was buzzing in (an Angel disguised as the girl who sells drinks behind the concession stand) and I said "Calico Soul" into the buzzer, and I'm not sure if it was me or the Angel, but the door just opened. Quite surreal. They waved me in. Aw, it was probably the Angel, 'cuz I'm not THAT famous yet, and just so you know: angels are usually black. Doesn't mean that all black people are angels, just that all angels (that I've met) are black. This is roughly accurate, given a plus/minus error of .00007 percent. Anyway, tha vibe was definitely with me.

Then it was just me and this girl and Jason in the Wiltern. Wow! It was completely empty and completely beautiful. It has a rare mystique. He said that this was "A dream to play here ... just like growing up in NY and then playing Radio City Music Hall, or something!" So cool! And I just said, "I'm PROUD of you, man! I'm very proud of you!" What an incredible accomplishment. And then the people started filtering (running) in and the mood started to change into oneof those rock concert moments, with security guards and all ... and the Angel was gone (I KNEW she didn't work there!). Got my backstage pass set up, and I was ready to tackle tha night.

Jason's set was great. All original stuff. Very melodic. He dedicated one song to Ray Davies of the Kinks (who just got shot!) and the whole night was hued with a kind of magic. Great sound, lights, camera, ACTION! His voice sounded like a keenly attuned, sly melodious happy circus kid, tickled-pink by the fact that he was playing the Wiltern. David Bowie (um ...) plays there in a couple o' days. Pretty sweet for you, Jason! And then Travis came out and played a song with him. That was awesome! Great music was made last night, friends.

And someone said to me, "Cool hat, man." I said, "Thanks ..."

Please also remember, everyone: The Ipod is your God!
(All of you who were there will get this ...)

So the concert was hip, fab, on fire ... and then the aftershow-party began. One of those Hollywood aftershow-parties, you know, with boogie people and aspiring starlets, and the like. And chixx galore, very hot and yet amazingly superficial, and one turned to me with bedroom eyes and said: Oh hi, my name is so-and-so, and I just thought, "Oh, Gawd, I'm outta here!" and gave Jason a hug, and turned and walked. Gotta keep it real.

Outta there. Hopped in a cab and jetted back to AJ at the record store. Midnight. Beers and grub at his house. Good fun, music ... the perfect day.
Thank you, friends. Peace.
-Todd 007

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January 18, 2004
Creepy Brown Vs. Richard Simmons' Wig

Hanging out with this kid called tha Giant. He got a room, only to turn up completely pissed, and ended up sleeping in the reception area ... um ...

Nice job, Giant!

And then there's the cute girl who got a room in "Room #9," which is also known as the sex room, and she wanted to have "just one drink" with me and the Giant. Yeah, right ... no such thing, sweets. Which of course it wasn't, and she ended up hanging with us 'til the very end o' the night, and showed us her tattoo. Oh, yes. Here's how it happened:
I said, "I've never met you, but I've heard ALL ABOUT you!"
And she said, "I've heard about you, too ... So tell me what you heard about me!"
And I said that I knew that she was the cute girl who lives in Room #9, who's got a boyfriend, but he's not here (she gasped!) and furthermore, I know for a fact, I said, that you have a very hot tattoo just above your ass, which you can almost see (then she really gasped!) but it's hidden under those hot pants. And it was all true! And then upon request, she just bent right around and over and showed us the hot tattoo, that I'd heard and suspected existed ... Ultra-HOT!

The Giant liked that one. It was the first night his under-age ass had ever been in a pub, and I snuck him in, and introduced him to tha world of late-night party madness. Carry on, Large One!

And we proceeded to tease the cute girl from Room #9 about her boyfriend, and then I got a pen and drew an artist's sketch of him, which was brutally (dis) honest and he looked like a hag on crack. And then she said, "Isn't he cute!?" And we all went, "Um ... NO!" And then she grabbed the pen (now it was 2 in tha morn) and drew crazy Richard Simmons pubic hair on her estranged boyfriend's head, to make him "look better ..." Right. And we all got a SERIOUS chuckle outta that one, and someone wrote something next to his curly head about LSD, and it was almost time for me to go to bed, cuz I realized that someone other than me had gone too far. But first, I said to the two remaining girls, who were drunkenly mumbling some kooky non-sense about boys and tha dirty side of life, "Hey ... you two are the hottest and creepiest girls I've ever met!" Another group chuckle. And the girl from Room #9 was wearing a Charlie Brown t-shirt and so she instantly became, "Creepy Brown." And she took it and wore it well.

And we all discussed the film "Gloomy Sunday," which we'd seen that night, and the german girl said that she'd, "Turn lesbian for that actress in the movie." And I said that I would, too. And then someone said: (I think it was Giant)
"Yep ... Todd's got a pussy, too!"
And I said, "Mmmm, hmmm ... that's right, I've got a pussy!"

And the girls found that pretty hot, and we all (quite late now) got into a long and tasty discussion about our pussies. And about 10 minutes later, the guy who'd been silent all night, Mario from Ecuador, piped up unexpectedly,

"Wait a minute ... Todd ... you've got a PUSSY?!"

Fun scenes from California on a hot January night ... Enjoy good friends!

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Webmaster E - Wikiwiki wah

Well, it's been over a year, over a year since Mr. Iowa said to me "e-mail is too impersonal, I like letters", and maybe he was right, but look at us now, 90 entries in, and what a fine archive of thoughts from all over the world it is.

If you're reading these entries, let Mr. Calico know how much you like them... then maybe next time, he'll listen to me sooner ;)

as always, your invisible webmaster e

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January 14, 2004
Took A Train Under An Assumed Name

Things I did this week ...

Went in tha studio (pure joy!), took a train under anassumed name, kissed a sweet german girl in the bathroom of an english pub and got caught by the barman, who was only jealous, sang alot, had an intense discussion with some guy about playing a banjo with your pubes, gave a homeless guy a buck and he traded some valuable information, chatted with a guy who said he feels, "remorse and guilt" over the things he saw in that war down there somewhere in Central America ...

How 'bout you??

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January 04, 2004
Outside O' Tha Law

Somewhere in California, on a Thursday ...

Two tales about jaywalking:
The first one goes like this ... I was churning along (on foot) and I see the light turn, right? and I see the cop on the other side of tha road, see? And I goes, "OK, he's gonna see me if I defy this light, and cross lickety-split, but I actually feel more HONEST going for it, 'cuz that's how I feel, don't wanna put on airs just for him, and I would done it anyway, if he was there or not ..." So I did it, and he goes, "Hey, kid! Come here ..." Busted, but at least I followed my feelings. And he gives me this song and dance about how dangerous it is, and yadda-yadda, and I gor, "Right." And he told me that a jaywalking ticket is like, one hundred and forty dollars, "And I have the ticket book right here in my pocket!" But I had the 140 in my pocket, too, so I just thought, "Yeah, um, go for it!" And then he says, "It's for your OWN SAFETY, man!" And then I was just like, Ohhh gawd - pleeze! But what came out of my mouth was,

"Wow ... you actually BELIEVE all that shit!"

Jaywalking story #2:
So I'm crossing a random street, as some random person does so at the very same time, and we're both in a (relatively) random mood, except for the fact that we're scurrying to avoid the on-coming traffic, who is quicker and bigger than us both. Never met, but we both high-five as we cross by ... and I yell from the other side of the streety,

"Jaywalkers, UNITE!"

And she gives me a sly smile (it was a brilliant moment!) and a screech of approval, and we both go on our opposite merry ways ...


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