December 30, 2003
Why She Likes Marlon Brando

Walking the streets of San Francisco again ...

Random thoughts: Laid in bed with a beautiful woman, and didn't even have sex with her! What's wrong with me? Jeez, I really do get crazy (focused) when I'm making a CD. Not sure this is a good thing (when such apparent beauty presents itself.) And then she said, as we walked, that she would take Marlon Brando NOW, anywhereanytime and when I asked if she meant tha young or old Brando, she just said, "Either." And I told her between sips of coffee and Italian dinners that if I ever met Mr. B, I would tell him that there's a "very cute european girl who would like to meet him ..." Chuckle.

And when I asked her why she loves him so much, she said that he's just got
"It." She's right and then I got on that plane and pretended I was Brando, and never looked backed, and why should I 'cuz I was the one who turned away, and I'm Brando anyway, and besides that, I guess I just needed a reason to fly ... Peace.

Todd 007

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December 10, 2003
Trulio Disgracias

Yo, people. Impromptu gig, didn't know we'd sort of be opening (along with other jammin' folks) for Trulio Disgracias! They're that mish-mash band, strung together from various famous bands and truly nutty cats. Check 'em out. I did a weird spoken word thang for about 17 minutes (accompanied by acoustic stand-up bass, quite groovy). Then we sauntered into "Somertime," Billie Holiday gypsy style, and all these Disgracious dudes crept up there to jam with us! Whoever that was on flute - thanks dude! You were great, inspiring ...

Now then ...

Here's a short list of people I talked to last night, and tha things we talked about:

A. Angelo from Fishbone. ("Yeah, Todd ... you were up there spittin' it!
... SPITTIN' IT!")
B. Norwood. ("Aww, man ... I gotta get me one of them upright basses!")
C. Meghan from Cincinnati. ("I rrreally like Incubus!")
D. Lots of others from Trulio Disgracious. (Varied.)
E. Adam. (the Mormon)
F. Lott . ("Are we called Two Guys from Venice ... or two Guys from Venus!?")
G. Kat. (sex and pizza)
H. David from Venezuela (sex and pizza)
I. Chris Tuba. (Debby Deb's party ... and tubas)

Peace. -Todd 007

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