March 24, 2003
Exhuming McCarthy

Howl. So here's an update from Los Angeles (for those of you who've been asking), on Oscar night:

1. Steve Martin exclaiming, "Are we INSANE?!" in front of millions of viewers.
2. And the winner is ... Michal Moore! and moore Michael Moore ...
3. And the winner is ... Roman Polanski! Roman Polanski? Yes! I've been to
the industrial city of Lodz, Poland, where he studied, and he's a hero ... but
I didn't think the Academy would give him another chance. Way to go!
4. Martin Sheen warned publicly of a "new McCarthyism" - scary, but he's a
smart guy, although he did birth Charlie Sheen, so you never know ...
5. Susan Sarandon making a peace sign on her way to the presenters stand.
6. The Oscars happened right around the corner from where we've made all
the Calico Soul CD's (so far). So I'm sure John wouldn't mind me telling all
of you to check out his website:

Keep hope alive! -Todd

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March 19, 2003

In the Bible, it says:

"You shall reap what you sow."

This is meant for no-one, and everyone. This is a friendly reminder from Todd, urging anyone and everyone reading this to "Think!" You, me, he, she, it, us, them. We're entering a new phase in our planet's existence. We must all think in new and creative ways ...

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March 11, 2003
Universal Beaver

Last night I was talking to this guy, who was wearing a t-shirt that said:

"TAXIDERMY ... Let us stuff your Beaver!"

Well, now. That just gave me a rip-roarin' chuckle. How a little furry thing could cause such a commotion. Tumultous! And me being something of an eclectic t-shirt collector, I can dig the beaver! Are you with me, fellahs?! Of course ya are ... har,har. 'Cuz every man can appreciate a good beaver. Oh, yes. And some of the ladies, as well ... That's what makes it universal.

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March 10, 2003
Name Calling

Here's some stuff they've called me lately:

Genius, freak, angel, asshole, "your honor" (no shit!), ho, weirdo, Maestro, sexy thing, clever one, "a groovy singer", and a Jazz Cowboy.

I think I like the last one the best.
Pretty calico, huh?

One guy said my music was "Muy Chingona" and another said, "I got it! (So much travelling, etc.) You're an international drug smuggler!"

No, I replied sincerely. "I'm an international RUG smuggler!"

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