February 28, 2003
Ambassadours Of Fun

That's the French-Egyptian spelling ... international flavour! Let's see here, the world is fucked up, but since I don't believe in the Apocalypse, and since it's my world (too), I'm just going to concentrate on the positive ... Here's a short list of great times I've had with some of you out there, over the past few months: (in no particular order ...)

1. Driving on that dusty Lost Highway road (of friendship) with West Side Ken, Oh, those Guadalajara nights, and hanging out in the town of Tequila! (Where it was invented!)
2. Chillin' with my bud Eliot in L.A.
3. Hanging out with Monkey Business in Plzen. (Where Pilsener beer was invented! Imagine ...)
4. Dancing wild with Tanja and Anja in the Freischutz, SN, and the old man watching.
5. Me 'n' Scat Anderson showing that sexy dancer from Oz our "Twin Towers".
6. "Breaking and entering" into the flat of Ondrej from Slovakia.
7. Ryan Adams show, and subsequent after-party!
8. Doves concert (UK) in Hamburg.
9. Gypsy music extravaganza in Prague, on the opening night of the NATO summit.
10. Hanging with Matthew Ruppert (great singer) and his friends, on the mad poetry night! And then they cooked me that awesome chicken!
11. Strip bar in Jalisco, where they played Miss Kitten's "Fraaank Sinatra" AND Led Zeppelin! (?) Inspiration for new song, "Charles' Lap Dance."
12. Radio Vienna! (interview)
13. Jam session in Ostrava, pivo deluxe, and tasty pig special!
14. Jam session with Hong Kong Bob on soprano sax.
15. Jam session in HH with Frank (The Prez), and friends.
16. Jam session in Zlin with Ales and friends.
17. Jam session with Matze and Gernot in Rostock.
18. Jam session in Gelsenkirchen, and the mysterious turkish mafia pub.
19. Jam session with the Mariachi band! (That's a new one!)
20. Dancing naked with Macky the Toe-Breaker and friends, "Russian Bar" night in Hi-Town.
21. Hanging out in (Where the fuck is) Kelkheim, with Weird Steffi's mom, 'cuz she thinks I'm cute like Karel Gott.
22. Typing at Uwe's (of the band "Beautiful Cock") and the Indian dinner.
23. Meeting all kinds of nice people on trains, planes, cars, buses, or whilst hitch-hiking!
24. Fly into L.A., the guy looks at my Hawaiian passport, and says, "ALOHA!" (Does he know it means ,"Greetings", but also, "I Love You!" (?)

Sorry if I missed you. It doesn't mean that I haven't missed you. -Todd

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February 25, 2003

No, I'm not talking about the song ... I'm talking about the TOWN! Way on down south, in Mexico-land, the place where they INVENTED the drink! So imagine me 'n' West Side Ken, rolling down the highway to places we've never been. The first thing we did when we got to Tequila, was sit down in a restaurant, and they offered us a free (that's right) tequila. They were giving that shit away! They are so proud of their product and town, you'd be hard-pressed to find a joint where they DIDN'T offer you a free tequila. One guy gave me this dark tequila, almost chocolate, and I'd never had that before. And it was goo! And that's what life is, isn't it? (The light and the dark.) Now, don't get me wrong, fair readers, we are not real drinkers. No,no. This was something different ... some kinda cultural exchange ... we were the Kings Of Tequila! I wonder if they have a good recording studio there?! -Todd

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February 11, 2003
Calico People

This is dedicated to the person or persons, who left me the message saying that the world needs "Calico People" now, more than ever!

Thank you, friends!!! -Todd

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February 09, 2003
Fuzzy Things, Part II

She goes, "Hey, you guys, what's that animal called ... you know, the one that's all furry and eats wood, and stuff?"

He goes, "You mean ... (grins, looks at me) ... um ... a BEAVER?!"

(Imagine Todd, rolling on the floor with laughter!)

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February 06, 2003
Fuzzy Things

Today I wrote a song called, "Three-Legged Cat". Why? 'Cause there's a three-legged cat running around here ... well ... hopping, actually. I just thought you all should know. Because it seems to me that it's better to bounce around on three legs, than to be six feet under?! That cat's alive! (Dancin' on a hot tin roof.) Did it get eaten by a wolf? Did it meet some wicked chicken, late at night? I don't know, but I'll find out, and report on this soon ... -Todd

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