October 14, 2002
Good morning, Toot!

Howdy. 'Twas hangin' out in this town called Bad Doberan (bad, BAD Doberan!) and there was this statue in the middle of the park. Looked like it had been there for centuries. Thought it was, you know, the bronze figure of some revolutionary hero, like Lenin or maybe John Lenin, or something of the sort ... but NO! It was Zappa! His face, shoulders ... What a bust! Nice head! He was a young cat, hair pulled back, probably around the time of the Mothers Of Invention. Went to a student club where we played once or twice, and some fine babe came up to me and said that we should play again, but I knew she was the devil. Yes, the devil can be delicious. Then I woke up and some nice people who's invited me over (should we call them hippies?) left me a note when I awoke, and it said, "Good morning, TOOT!" (alternative spelling)

Posted by calico at 04:37 AM