September 25, 2002
Let's talk about New Music!

OK - my pick of the month is the new Queens Of The Stone Age, "Songs For The Deaf". Any of you who aren't on to the Queens bandwagon yet, pull your heads out of the underground, and get with it! This CD rocks, and it features Dave Grohl on drums (Nirvana/Foo Fighters). I had the honor of talking to the singer, all of about 45 seconds, backstage at a festival this summer. "Um, is Dave Grohl in the band, or how long is he staying, or what?" I asked. "I was wondering that myself," he answered, "He can stay as long as he wants, I suppose." Josh is some sorta mix of Lemme meets a weird Elvis (I say that with the upmost respect!!!) , and they're an awesome combo, and I urge y'all to run out like head-less chickens and buy that badd CD!!!! -Todd (Let real rock Live!)

Posted by Eliot at 07:33 AM
September 20, 2002
E-mail From Heaven

OK, I just got an email from John Entwhistle, up there in heaven, and he said that it was un-fair of me to say that The Who were greater than David Bowie. (They're so damn tolerant up there!) So I urge any of you in the Berlin area to go check out Mr. Bowie's show this Sunday, the 22nd. (Not that he needs MY help!?) Gee, I didn't know that people in Heaven were reading this stuff ... Todd

Posted by calico at 03:43 AM
September 13, 2002
Ridin' the train ...

And I rode the train with this old man from Armenia ... and I asked him if it wasn't, in fact, in Armenia that they had this huge earthquake?? (We're not alone, California!) Yep, he said. And then he grew quiet, looked at his shoes, and said,"I lost my wife and two children in that earthquake ..." Whoa. And all I have to say to you, fair readerrrs, is: Life is beautiful. Be glad that you're ALIVE! Peace, Todd

Posted by calico at 11:03 AM
September 11, 2002
Hi people!

Hey ... why didn't anyone tell me that John Entwhistle died, whilst I was travelling around??? Fuck you! (Hey, Todd ... be nice to your fans. -Editors) Ok, right, sorry. (Todd) But he was one of the greatest of all time, and The Who was THE greatest band ever! Yezz, better than Bowie, Nine Inch Nails, The Beatles ... Peace to you, John ... see you in Musical Heaven! Anyway, what have I been up to, you ask? OK, check it out: Neu Brandenburg, 3 a.m., famous for thugs and a great Roman Wall around the city, no trains to be found in the middle of the night. And it was cold. German cops gave me the 3rd degree, only to turn friendly when I whipped out my Big American Passport! "Wow," said one, "he was born in HAWAII!" "Give me that," said the other one, "I've never had an American passport in my hand before! Incredible!" And so I discovered, you see, that we DO have friends around the world, brothers and sisters ... and they were wearing those classy green outfits! Over and out. -Todd

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