January 02, 2005
London Calling!

Hi, all. Here I am in London, city of the official hustle 'n' bustle, getting ready to mix some songs! Yeah. Me and my new bud Dave Blomberg from New Model Army are gonna sit in the studio and mix up a storm. He's a virtuoso guitarist and mix-master, to boot. The only thing missing are the fish 'n' chips. (Gotta have it.) And Joe Strummer might be dead, but he fucking lives! Rock 'n' roll. Caught some SERIOUS fireworks the other night, Big Ben all lit up. Yeah, gonna set tha night on fire with new ideas! Mm-hmmm. Wish me luck - it's chilly. -Todd von Fogg

Posted by calico at January 02, 2005 07:07 AM
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